Fringe Dress

    In as early as 1920’s fringe dress was already in style. This kind of dress is really a vintage piece. After it has made popularized even ordinary Americans incorporate this kind of clothing to their style. The demand grew bigger which delighted the designers (their difficulties in designing really paid off). A fringe dress is made partially or entirely of fringes which are bands of thread, cut cloth or tassels arranged in such a way that it appears layered. The very famous Elvis Presley even put it in his jackets.

    If you look closely to a person wearing a fringe dress while moving, it looks like the dress sways and is free like the wind. This is the primary reason why divas, concert artists and dancers choose this style (Beyonc wears this kind of dress also in her concerts). It makes them appear livelier. As each movement shifts to another, the dress follows. Even a little movement makes this dress dance along with the wind. It is as if the dress copies the graceful acts that its wearer does.

    As time passes by, innovations were made. While during the first years this dress became popular by the use of just threads and cloth but were hugged by most of the people. Today, there were new styles and variety which makes it alive until today. There is a style made of threads yet embellished with sequins (a more attractive stuff when worn at night). There is even another variety embellished with gems to make it more glittery and classy. Embellishments were added to the scene because of its stunning effect during night. A photo in the internet once showed this kind of dress which appears really layered. The first layer is white and the color spectrum was followed until it reached the color black. This type is more of a casual look since it has no hanging ornaments. You can wear this while having shopping. Designers also made a somewhat tribal variety. The one inspired by the native Africans. This dress variety was made up of straw (now vintage meets the native).

    Not all of these kind of dress were made of hanging threads. There is a variation which appears like a fabric is cut into strips. Unlike the one made up with thread, it does not follow the movement of the wearer as fine as the one with thread (bigger strips are heavier, thus making it more resistant to movement. But this style is used during times when cowboys were becoming popular. Dresses were made of leather fringes. It has been a new addition to the family of designs. This variation is created for style purposes. This kind of style was even put into shoes, boots and bags.

    Designers really love this dress type that every now and then, variations have been made:

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    Unlike some designs, this type can be considered “for all seasons”. No wonder because this kind of dress can be worn in any type of occasion. Be it a concert, a party, a day out.

    Fringe dress have been serving people for a long time. This vintage style is well loved by people because it still exists up to date. Designers have done their part reviving this historical kind of clothing making innovations every now and then. It is maybe also because this clothing style has been used by famous people in the music industry. It is a style even more difficult to forget because you can see artists even until now wearing it. It is never out of season, it just gets better and better as the years pass.